Cloud File Manager
Cloud File Manager
Cloud File Manager
Cloud File Manager
Cloud File Manager
Cloud File Manager

Cloud File Manager

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Introducing Cloud File Manager, the ultimate solution for seamless file management on the cloud. With features including private file management for each user, a shared file manager, comprehensive log auditing for file manager activities, user management, permission management, and authentication based on ASP.NET Identity, Cloud File Manager revolutionizes the file management experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome setups and hello to effortless management of both private and shared files. Why reinvent the wheel? Let Cloud File Manager pave the way for your file management needs and embrace the future of file management today.

Complete Source Code

All of our products are furnished with comprehensive ASP.NET Core C# source code.

Development Prerequisite

To fully leverage the potential benefits of this product's source code, several prerequisites must be met:

  • Knowledge in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Proficiency as a .NET C# developer
  • Prior experience with ASP.NET
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio Community
  • Experience working and managing Microsoft SQL Express

Development Environment

To effectively edit the source code, you'll need the following development environment:

  • Visual Studio Community 2022: This integrated development environment (IDE) offers a comprehensive set of tools for modifying, testing, and debugging code
  • SQL Express 14: This lightweight database version is ideal for application development, providing the necessary backend support for your projects
  • .NET 8: This development framework enables you to create powerful and scalable applications using the robust and modern C# programming language

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