CRM APP in Razor Pages (ASP.NET Core 5.x.x)
CRM APP in Razor Pages (ASP.NET Core 5.x.x)
CRM APP in Razor Pages (ASP.NET Core 5.x.x)

CRM APP in Razor Pages (ASP.NET Core 5.x.x)

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CRM APP in Razor Pages (ASP.NET Core 5.x.x)

CRM application developed using ASP.NET Core Razor Pages and ABP Framework (DDD + Clean Architecture). ASP.NET Core Version is using ASP.NET Core 5.x.x


ASP.NET Core Version => ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

More about .NET 5 can be found on this link: Microsoft .NET 5

More about ASP.NET Core 5.x.x can be found on this link: ASP.NET Core 5.x.x

ABP Framework is free and open source framework that is known for DDD and Clean Architecture created by Volosoft. More about ABP Framework can be found on this link: ABP.IO



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Functional Features

Below are CRM Example functional features: 

*note: please try our online demo for more details experience

  • Realtime Dashboard
  • Customer Management
  • Service Order Management
  • Project Order Management
  • Company Settings
  • Sales Executive Settings
  • Currency Settings
  • Product Settings
  • Uom Settings
  • Roles and Memberships



Full Source Code

 The product come with full source code. You can customize the source code and use it as starter project template.


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Development Environment

Microsoft ASP.NET Core is Microsoft latest modern technology stack for building apps. it was simple, intuitive and very easy. The development environment:

  • PC/Laptop with Windows 10 OS
  • Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (FREE)
  • ASP.NET Core 5.x.x


How To Run The Project:

  • details instruction can be found on document shipped with the product

Product Support

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