About Us


Hello there, Greetings! Welcome to Our Store.

We are small team of developers passionate in all about ASP.NET, both standard version and its  youngest brother the Core version. We craft this website because there are a lot of good & beautiful HTML template on Github.com with MIT license and would be great if those design have its related .NET version which is ready to use.

Giving back to the community, i have also created the open source  version with MIT license that can be freely to use, personal or commercial. 

Thank you for visiting INDOTALENT STORE , we hope our small work will be helpful for you guys to get up and running developing MVP app based on C# .NET.

And if you think this website will help lot of developers, please help us spread the word by sharing our website address on your social media, we will be very grateful ^_^

below are my social media link, Github and Linkedin. Feel free to connect with me and build the network.

Thanks! Best of luck.


(Ismail Hamzah, Founder INDOTALENT)